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The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse was established by the Australian Government in January 2013. The recommendations of the Commission changed the work of the Royal Commission to the National Redress Support Service.


The Royal Commission inquired as to how institutions with a responsibility for children, have dealt with sexual abuse that happened to children in their care. ‘Institutions’ include churches and religious organisations, schools, organisations providing live-in care for children such as foster care and orphanages, community services, government agencies, and sporting organizations.


The National Redress Scheme enables any individual, impacted by childhood sexual abuse in an institution, to make an application to the scheme, potentially accessing a compensation payment for injury, both emotional and physical. The National Redress Scheme will investigate where institutions have failed to protect children and make recommendations on the information received.


The Canberra Rape Crisis Centre, along with other organizations that work with survivors of sexual assault, has been funded by the Australian Department of Social Services to provide Royal Commission Community-Based Support Services. This means we can help you to:


  • find out more about the National Redress Scheme
  • What to expect if you make an application
  • contact and engage with the National Redress Scheme
  • prepare and write an application
  • access interpreting and cultural translation services,
  • access other support services.


      The Canberra Rape Crisis Centre can provide counselling and support, as part of our usual services to anyone engaging with, or thinking about engaging with, the Royal Commission.



We offer support for engaging with the Royal Commission independently of any other service we provide. You do not have to receive counselling or any other support from us to be able to get support for applying to the National Redress Scheme. We will provide both National Redress support and, if you need it, counselling and advocacy support, to:


  • Applicants to the National Redress Scheme
  • Anyone thinking of applying
  • People or organizations supporting someone who is an applicant or thinking about applying
  • Nominees and support people
  • survivors of child sexual abuse in an institutional setting,
  • anyone who witnessed child sexual abuse in an institutional setting,
  • anyone who reported or was a “whistle blower” in relation to child sexual abuse in an institutional setting,
  • employees or associates of an institution where abuse took place
  • family members, partners, or other supporters of any of these.


Outreach Support for Organizations or Groups:
CRCC can provide training, information or assistance to Organizations or Groups who support applicants, nominees or who may come into contact with applicants including prospective applicants.


  • Information
  • Supporting survivors disclosing sexual abuse or assault
  • Support
  • Assisting applicants
  • Trauma framework