What You Can Expect From Counselling


What You Can Expect From Counselling

Canberra Rape Crisis Centre

Many people who seek counselling are unsure at first about their rights in a counselling relationship. You can expect that your counsellor will:

  • treat you with care and consideration
  • provide you with information about what to expect in counselling
  • listen to your story
  • not underestimate the impact of your experiences on you
  • believe you
  • respect your strengths and help you to identify and develop them
  • provide you with a physically and emotionally safe environment
  • respect your sexuality, cultural and religious background, class, age, your opinions and choices, and respect your decisions and needs
  • provide information
  • be trustworthy
  • treat you as an unique individual, not only as a survivor of child sexual assault


Your counsellor should not:

  • touch you sexually
  • have a sexual relationship with you or any of their clients, either while you are currently seeing him/her or after the counselling has finished
  • encourage any romantic feelings for him/her
  • tell you what to do, think or feel
  • make you do anything you are unsure about or do not want to do
  • rush you into talking about things you are not yet ready to discuss
  • tell anyone else about the content of your counselling sessions without your consent (unless there are safety concerns)