Canberra Rape Crisis Centre

Without your support, we could not do the work we do. We thank you for your generosity and for taking the time to donate to our cause. 

You can donate to the Canberra Rape Crisis Centre here by following these steps:

1. Select an amount to donate 
2. Select where you want your donation to go
        – Click “select a specific charity”
        – Click CTRL + F and type in “Rape Crisis” to find us within the list quickly and check the box next to our name
3. Choose what type of donation you would like to make 
4. Fill in your details and submit! 
We are pleased to have Hands Across Canberra offer us this service which lets people provide us with a one-off donation and also set up a recurring payment to us!
If you have any questions please contact us at or 0438 806 404
To find out more about the great work that Hands Across Canberra do please click on this link – HANDS ACROSS CANBERRA