Victim Register

Reporting Sexual Assault and Criminal Proceedings

Victim Register

Canberra Rape Crisis Centre

Victims of sexual assault can provide their contact details to the relevant victims register to obtain administrative information regarding the offender who was sentenced for the crimes committed against the victim.


There are two victims registers – one for victims of adult offenders and one for victims of juvenile offenders and they are overseen by ACT Corrective Services. Through the victims register, where the offender is serving a prison sentence, their victim(s) can receive details regarding the offender, including:

  • The length of the sentence, the offenders parole eligibility date and the earliest release date
  • The correctional center where the offender is detained and any transfer of the offender to another correctional facility
  • Any change in the offenders security classification which may result in the offender being eligible for unescorted leave
  • Any unescorted leave given to the offender
  • The death, escape of or any other exceptional event relating to the offender

(Justice and Community Safety Directorate, 2013b)

Registered victims may also provide a written submission to the Sentence Administration Board when they are considering releasing the offender.

If you would like CRCC to support you through this process call us on 02 6247 2525.