If Your Partner Has Been Sexually Assaulted

Supporters of People Who Have Been Sexually Assaulted

If Your Friend or Family Member Has Been Sexually Assaulted

Canberra Rape Crisis Centre

If it is your partner who has been sexually assaulted, you are likely to be feeling a range of intense emotions and thethe information and suggestions in the section If Your Friend or Family Member Has Been Sexually Assaulted… are also relevant to you. In addition to this, showing affection can be important as it can express that you care. If you have been relating in sexual ways in your relationship, it may be best to show affection in non-sexual forms of touching, and wait for your partner to indicate they are comfortable with being sexual again.


Many survivors feel they do not want to be sexual for a period of time after they have been sexually assaulted. It is important that you respect this need for your partner to not be sexual for some time. Their body, mind and emotions need time to recover and your support in allowing this time is important for your partner’s healing.


If you are struggling with what has happened to your loved one, or want some support or advice, you are welcome to access services at the CRCC. This includes use of the crisis line, and counselling services. Call us on 02 6247 2525.