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Canberra Rape Crisis Centre

We appreciate all forms of support from our community.

The following member ships are available:


Full membership (for individuals)

Full membership of the Association is open to women and men, who believe in the values and philosophy of the organisation. This includes, people who have been affected by sexual violence, family, friends and other people who care about and support people who have been affected by sexual violence or about issues which affect them, including people in both paid and unpaid roles, and people interested in and supportive of the organisation’s objectives.

Full membership means you have the right to vote at Annual General Meetings and all Special Meetings of the Association.


Associate membership (for organisations)

Associate membership is open to organisations including, government, non-government and private for profit agencies and organisations which support the objectives of the Association.

Associate Members are welcome to attend, but not vote at, the Annual General Meeting and all Special Meetings of the Association
Please download and complete the Membership Application form and email or post to:

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