Issues That May Come Up in Counselling


Issues That May Come Up in Counselling

Canberra Rape Crisis Centre

Talking about sexual abuse with a counsellor may help you get in touch with feelings and issues you have not dealt with before. These might include:


  • anger – this might be toward the abuser, toward yourself for not stopping the abuse, or toward your mother/father/guardian (if they were not the perpetrator) for not protecting you
  • memories and feelings about the abuse
  • trust difficulties
  • self blame
  • feelings of over responsibility
  • sexuality
  • body image
  • fear
  • assertiveness
  • loneliness
  • alienation
  • issues about parenting your own children
  • relationship issues
  • body feelings and/or symptoms


A counsellor can help you explore these issues. For more information and to get in touch with a Counsellor please call us on 02 6247 2525.