Financial Assistance

Reporting Sexual Assault and Criminal Proceedings

Financial Assistance

Canberra Rape Crisis Centre

Under the Victims of Crime (Financial Assistance) Act 1983 victims of sexual assault are eligible to submit an application for financial assistance to take into account the impacts and effects sexual offences have had on them.


The criteria for an application are:

  • That the person has suffered a physical or mental injury as a result of a violent crime – which includes sexual offences
  • That the offence(s) took place in the ACT
  • That the victim made a report to the police

(Justice and Community Safety Directorate, 2013c)


Applications can be submitted regardless of whether the offender was found guilty or not.


The legislation specifies that the applications need to be submitted within 12 months of the offences(s) occurring however and application for an extension of time can be granted in instances where the person can provide a good reason for the application not having been made within 12 months.


The scheme is based on a cost-recovery basis and application forms can be obtained from the Magistrates Court. Alternatively people can approach a private lawyer and take legal action in a civil claim through common law.

If you would like CRCC to support you through this process please call us on 02 6247 2525.