Reclaim The Night Walk

On the last Friday in October each year women around Canberra march through Garema Place and the Civic Centre to raise awareness of sexual violence and the “right to feel safe in public places” at  “Reclaim the Night”. 

This year’s organizing of Reclaim The Night will begin shortly…

Watch this space for further information

Reclaim The Night School Competition 2018

Performers for Reclaim the Night 2020 

We will update our site to let you know who will be performing at our event this year.

Last year’s performers listed below….thank you all for your contribution
Hit ‘n’ Miss 

Canberra’s only all Female African Drumming Group will be taking part in our event this year and will be creating some Joy where the community can tap their feet or Dance to the rythm of Africa! Get behind this amazing group and follow them on their facebook page. 

Project Beats

Project beats is Canberra’s real Hip Hop Culture Dance School.The All Girls Crew will be performing at Reclaim The Night 2018. If you love Dancing come on down and support the local performers. If you are considering Hip Hop Dance Classes check out Project Beats website and head to their enrolment page.

If you would like to be a part of this event you can find more information from our Sponsorship Kit. If you would like to get involved this year you can:

  • Make a cash contribution by becoming a partner in the event
  • Make an in-kind offer of services (e.g. Event infrastructure, catering, t-shirts, signage, entertainment or printing)

Get started now by downloading a copy of our Reclaim The Night Sponsorship 2018 or email for a copy or to get more information. You can also call our business line on 6287 3618 to discuss.

Why Get Involved?

The Canberra Rape Crisis Centre, who manage this event, are a charity organisation who look for help and support from the community to run this event every year. 

Aligning yourself with this event:

  • Reinforces your own brand values and diversifies your marketing plan
  • It enhances your corporate image and credibility as a committed supporter of the Canberra community 
  • Raises awareness of your business’s products and services in a cost effective manner to increase store traffic, generate leads and ultimately increase sales.

More details regarding the event are below:

  • Target Audience: Women of Canberra and their supporters
  • Anticipated Attendance: 500+ with the goal this year to fill Garema Place with people 
  • Date and Time: Friday 30 October from 6:30pm to 8:30pm 
  • Location: Garema Place, Civic

St John First aid (TBA)

First aid – Checked!
St John’s Night Crew will be One of our partners in this year’s Reclaim the Night 2018. For your next event make sure you contact St John’s Night Crew

Promotional Plan
  • Posters: 100+ delivered to businesses, universities and libraries in Canberra
  • E-Flyers through a large not for profit network in Canberra
  • Series of paid event advertisements in various local/regional papers 
  • Media Releases 
  • Website information 
  • Facebook campaign
  • A range of t-shirts be designed and sold at the event
  • Utilising the Canberra Rape Crisis Centre’s patron, Virginia Haussegger – an Australian journalist, media commentator and television presenter who has been the presenter of the flagship 7pm ABC News bulletins in Canberra since 2001, to promote the event throughout her contacts.