An open letter to the Australian media: You are telling the wrong story!

There was a time in the not too distant past where Canberra Rape Crisis Centre (CRCC) was often contacted by media asking about how they should report sexual assault so as to not cause further harm to people in the community impacted by sexual assault, should they read or see the proposed story. There was a time where media guides for reporting sexual violence were endorsed by local and commonwealth governments. This was such a good time because we were working together using the power of the media and the power of trauma knowledge, to ensure we did no further harm and were educating the community at the same time.

Media is a powerful driver of social change and can influence the culture, behaviours and attitudes that drive violence.

Recently CRCC have been contacted by media a number of times asking us to confirm different things that relate to Brittany Higgins. The reason seems to be to publish yet another story aimed at shaming, blaming, and discrediting a young woman. A young woman who very well could be our friend, partner, child… In fact she is all of those things… It is the wrong story.

These are not positive experiences for us, as we were contacted in an attempt to pervarively criticise a young person publicly, to tear at her story, her life and her pain. The media wanted us to join the circus, we wanted no part of it.

Sexual violence happens because power is abused. 

Sexual violence has terrible consequences for children, adults and young people. It divides communities, and silences people. It causes disconnection, creates grief and its prevalence rates shock and horrify us all! 

In response we pick at the story to put holes in it, act in disbelief, blame the victim, shame the impacted! By doing this we close the door on them, we make them feel like they can’t seek help and are taking the easy way out. This is not the right story.

Survivors of sexual violence are the people in front of you, those you work with, friends and family –
you just may not know it… When they see the headlines, read the stories, it tells them to stay silent.
We know that does not work, we know it causes further harm. We can be better than this!

Headlines come and go, but the impact of headlines can last a life time.

How can we ever move through this time and be better at responding to sexual violence if we are hurting people more as we dissect their lives publicly and consistently?

How will we ever end the scourge of sexual violence in our community if we do not take control of ourselves and our narratives? 

How will those impacted by sexual violence ever tell their stories, if we weaponise sexual violence in this way?

We wanted the media to ask about the Australian sexual violence prevalence rates: 1 in 2 women, 1 in 3 girls, 1 in 6 boys, and 1 in 16 men. We wanted them to ask about why Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are sexually assaulted more, and why disabled people are targeted for sexual violence, or young people, or those from the LGBTQIA+ communities. We wanted them to ask how we are working towards a world where there is no sexual violence, and how they could help end the impact of these horrendous crimes. We wanted them to ask about how the local government joined
together to try and work out how to fix this problem. We wanted them to ask about where to go to for help?

That is the right story… The real story… The one with concern, compassion and humanity… 

Lets try for that story!

Chrystina Stanford 
Canberra Rape Crisis Centre CEO
June 2023

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Rainbow Sexual, Domestic & Family Violence Helpline (Formerly LGBTIQ+ Violence Service)

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