Young women have said…

Having sex is about choices. Any forced sexual activity is a crime. If someone coerces (pressures) you this is also a crime.

Sexual assault can happen to anyone. Some people say ‘sluts deserve to be raped’, but no-one ever deserves to be raped regardless of clothing or behaviour.

The law defines sexual assault more broadly than just ‘penis in vagina’. Sexual offences include touching, oral sex and ‘flashing’.

What happened was not your fault, even if you were doing something other people might consider ‘risky’.

Sexual abuse by a family member can be really difficult to talk about. Often young people are scared to tell because they fear it will break up the family. Sometimes the abuser threatens them with this as well. If sexual abuse and secrecy are happening, the family is already in trouble.

If you decide you want to talk to someone, ask them first what they need to do with what you tell them. Some people (like teachers and doctors) are required by law to tell the police or Family Services if you are not safe. This is called Mandatory Reporting. There are other workers, like Rape Crisis workers and youth workers, who have more flexibility. REMEMBER it was not your fault, there are people who will believe you and places you can go for support.