Responding To Disclosures Training:

6th of May 2014 10:00-1:00pm

This 3 hour training aims to:

  • Provide information about CRCC
  • Deliver information regarding what  sexual assault is, including legal definitions and its prevalence in the community
  • Give basic skills to participants about how they may respond to a disclosure from an adult
  • Give trainees a better understanding of the possible short and long term effects of sexual assault
  • Identify the potential concerns of compassion fatigue/vicarious traumatisation, and emphasising the importance of self-care

About the training

CRCC aims to educate individuals, the community and members of other organisations about the reality of sexual assault; and how to respond to and support victims and survivors of sexual assault. CRCC is committed to advocacy, education, skills training and can assist organisations in the creation of appropriate policies and procedures to address issues surrounding sexual assault. It is our hope that by giving people the skills and confidence to approach the issue of sexual assault, we can begin to erode the stigma and help survivors.

At CRCC we take an inclusive approach to our trainings; using role-plays, interactive activities and open discussions. CRCC aims to create a training opportunity which is useful and memorable for anyone wishing to learn more about working with people who are survivors of sexual assault.

For more information on training and educations sessions, please email or phone (02) 6287 3618 (extention 105)

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Cost: Government/Corporate agency $50

Community agency $45